New Old Clamps

for longarm quilting machines

I Initially developed these clamps for my mother after witnessing her struggle to open the large spring clamps that were original to her quilt frame, since her hand strength is a bit less than it was when she was 20.  I also did not like how badly those original big heavy clamps and bungee cords were stretching the backing material, even when not tensioned, simply from their unnecessary weight.  When I looked for better options available for purchase, I could not find a better solution than what I had made for her.   Time to share them with everyone.

Why everyone should use these on their longarm frame...

ALL of the materials in the clamps and straps are MADE IN THE USA.

The plastic is 3D printed from 100% post industrial recycled material.

The retail packaging is made in the USA.

Retail Package Front

Retail Package Back